Learn and Earn on the Blockchain

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Cryptotrading for Beginners

For over 4 years I have been teaching the crypto community how to do trade using cryptocurrencies. The strategy we use is a simple indicator that gives you very clear buy and sell signals which have allowed us to make profits during the BEAR/BULL run. 

This is a 1hour zoom session where we go through all/relevant topics indicated above that will assist you in your crypto trading journey. 

If you are interested in our sessions, please contact me via telegram/twitter/instagram using @nanicrypto.

Without a doubt, if you are a beginner like me you will benefit from the clear, step-by-step guide provided by Nanicrypto. You get details from her own experience starting from scratch and so you build confidence in following the process and understanding why you do the setup and the trade in a certain way. Even the more advanced crypto trades benefit from her charts as she is absolutely thorough and trades when the setup is there right on the chart. I absolutely recommend you have a session with her or join her will be time well invested!

Tracy AnnUSA

Being a fresh "newbie on the block" in regards to my newly found passion Cryptocurrency, it was going to take a special person to be able to help me forward in developing the required knowledge to buy and invest. I found Diana's affiliate coaching profile on the well known American BK cryptocurrency website. 

Thank you once again Diana for all your professional advice that has always been delivered in a professional manner with some good fun mixed in between, your knowledge, sincerity and trust demonstrated while teaching myself on this subject- is key. It has already been a month now and I am amazed as to how many loops and hoops one has to learn to even buy their first crypto coin. Your patience and persistence in helping others is second to none, also....the energy and skills you have put into your coaching business is nothing short of inspiring to say the least! I cannot thank you enough.

Tim LawtonNew Zealand

Whether you are just starting your journey in blockchain technology or investing in it for years,  working with Diana will help you take your investment skills and strategy to the next level.  I have significantly benefited from working with Nanicrypto over the last nine months,  including trading skills,  expanding my investments beyond simple trading, and creating a multi-layered approach to take advantage of all aspects of the blockchain ecosystem.